What Is Bhai-Lang Programming Language? Which Is Developed By 2 Indians Developers

What Is Bhai-Lang Programming Language

A new programming language is taking the Internet by storm. The “Brother-Lang” toy programming language was written in TypeScript and makes programming more fun, inspired by the ‘bro-talk’ used by Hindi-speaking gentry is a welcome quirk for the techies out there. In this article you will know that what is Bhai Lang programming language which is developed two Indians Developers.

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How To Save Text Messages On iPhone To Computer For Free | Easy Way To Save Text Messages

how to save text messages on iphone

To know how to save text messages on iPhone, you must know the difference between text messages and iMessage. Both are quite different and should be backed up to avoid any accidental loss of data in future. The primary distinguishing difference between the two message types is color. Text messages are colored green, while messages sent over iMessage are colored

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