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Time has become very fast today and time matters a lot in such a busy life. Everyone wants to save time. But there are some important things that need to be done. Like shopping, that means buying home and your necessities. In such a situation, people have to go to the market, mall etc. But now the time has gone too far. People can shop even sitting at home. What we call online shopping. Shopping online saves us both money and time. In this article, we’ve come up with Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites in USA that are shaking the market and winning the hearts of America.

Top 10 Best Online Shopping Sites In USA

1. AmazonVisit Now
2. WalmartVisit Now
3. eBayVisit Now
4. TargetVisit Now
5. EtsyVisit Now
6. Best BuyVisit Now
7. Macy’sVisit Now
8. RakutenVisit Now
9. Home DepotVisit Now
10. CostcoVisit Now

1. Amazon

online shopping sites in usa

Amazon is an online shopping site. Basically this is a US site. Which, does not manufacture any item itself, but buys it from different companies at a reasonable price, and then sells it accordingly. Books, electronic items on Amazon, everything from children to elders, all the things of the house, mobile, computer and all its related tools, jewelry, motor vehicle, groceries, all from smallest to biggest Large items are available. To buy which, there are many offers every day. In terms of services, many facilities are available like cash on delivery, card, online payment and many more. Facilities like return and cash back are also available in case you don’t like the same or there are some mistakes.

This Seattle based online shopping website has spread its branches all over the world. Currently Amazon is not just an online shopping site. It is also offering many facilities like cloud computing, Amazon Pay, Amazon Prime.

2. Walmart

online shopping sites in usa

Walmart is another multinational shopping website in USA. And let me tell you that it is one of the largest company in the world. Its ranks as the topmost store for buying daily needs like groceries, household items, gifts, economically priced clothing and lots of more. Its also has its own credit card that allows you to buy expensive goods on installments.

A person named Sam Walton started a store named Walmart on Jama named Rogers of America. And he would not have even thought at that time that in the coming time this small store of his would be found all over the world. And would have turned into a very big company. Not only this, except for America, 70% of their business is in the United States and Europe. And if we talk about the rest, 20% of them are in China and Japan. And what happens in the last 10% is their earnings only through their small stalls. There are many such features of this company that make them completely different from other companies.

3. eBay

online shopping sites in usa

eBay is an online shopping site best known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales. Because of its features eBay righlty deserves a topmost position as online shopping site in USA. You can buy used and new items at low low price on eBay. Some product found on eBay cannot be found elsewhere while shopping online. You can buy and sell almost everything here.

It is also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. eBay is available in many different countries. You can choose to sell as well as buy the products. When you have a seller account, there are fees associated with it – for example, listing fees.

4. Target

best online shopping sites in usa

Target is the one of the best department store in the US after Walmart. Target is a consumer goods retailer selling products from fashion items to home decoration, groceries, with a leading position in the fashion and apparel, electronics, furniture, hygiene products and much more, latest gadgets, necessities, and clothing selection, and home and garden categories. With the Target Red Card, they are now also a major player in banking and finance.

The website offers daily and weekly discount coupons and codes to shoppers.

5. Etsy

best online shopping sites in usa

One of the favorite shopping websites for Americans is Etsy. It is a US-born marketplace with a niche focus on the sale of handmade or vintage products and unique factory-manufactured items for smaller business and individual entrepreneurs to sell handcrafted and exclusive products for discerning shoppers.

Etsy’s e-commerce site enables people and companies to sell a wide range of goods, jewelry, accessories, shoes, clothes, home and living needs, party and requirements, entertainment items, toys, collectibles, art, tools, craft supplies and vintage items and other unique items.

6. Best Buy

best online shopping sites in usa

Best Buy is a best multinational consumer electronics company. Today, Best Buy offers customers a wide range of products, including electronics, appliances, furniture, travel, baby products, fitness and more. Despite the wide variety, they are best known as a consumer electronics company, and they comes under 3rd ranks in the world in the computer electronics and technology e-commerce category.

Choose from their wide selection online for all your electronic needs from TVs to gaming, mobile phones, computing devices, entertainment, services appliances to household appliances and more. Beginning as a consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy has grown to be a dominant brand now with bricks and mortar stores across the country, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

7. Macy’s

best online shopping sites in usa

When considering the best online shopping site in the USA for clothing purchases, Macy’s(US fashion powerhouse) is undoubtedly one of the top choices. The latest in fashion trends and sophisticated looks, Macy’s online selection is outstanding. Now time its become a global brand with locations in various countries and an e-commerce site ranking number one worldwide in the fashion and apparel category.

Macy’s e-commerce site boasts a vast line of accessories, cosmetics, womenswear, menswear, children’s clothes, shoes, beauty products, as well as home and decoration products. They have also launched their very own credit card, seeing the online retailer enter into the finance sector.

8. Rakuten

top 10 online shopping sites in usa

Rakuten is leader among online shopping websites in the US. Rakuten B2B2C e-commerce platform is Japan’s largest electronic commerce site, and one of the world’s largest selling places. The website lists daily deals on expensive stuff like tabs and smartphones, electronics and home appliances, apparel and household appliances.

Rakuten also is known as “Amazon of Japan” is a Japanese Internet and e-commerce company based in Tokyo and was founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997. Rakuten US came into existence when was acquired by Rakuten hence transforming it into Rakuten US marketplace.

9. Home Depot

top 10 online shopping sites in usa

For home decorator, electronics and home appliances, Home Depot is a best online shopping site too. They offer excellent deals on almost every product bought bought through the website. There are several categories of products, including large indoor furniture and kitchenware.

10. Costco

top 10 online shopping sites in usa

Costco wholesale is reputed and famous for offering everything from groceries to pricey electronics at very discount rates. Groceries are a huge reason many consumers flock to Costco. However, Costco has more than that. You can find kitchen appliances, clothing, electronics, and even coffins on the Costco website.

Costco also ships to select markets abroad. Buying from costco you can saves you a lot of money. They come up with various offers during holiday and festive seasons.


We need the touch of technology to take care of us and help us lead the life we crave. Online Shopping Websites are one such amazing discovery to make your life better, easier and happier.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What are the best online shopping sites in USA?

Best online shopping sites in USA are Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and Rakuten.

2. Online shopping sites which accept cash on delivery?

Amazon is very good and well known online site which provide Cash on delivery service.

3. Which shopping sites in USA accept PayPal?

The top USA online stores accept payments from Paypal, such as Macy’s and eBay.

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