Few Applications of Proportional Pressure Valves

Few Applications of Proportional Pressure Valves

A device that utilises a restrictor to control the rate of the fluid is known as the electronic flow control valve. The valve actually regulates the liquid passage by changing the size of the flow direction. This regulated flow of the fluid then controls the parameters that goes on affecting the overall process that may be continued during the manufacturing. The major functions of the proportional flow control valve include the fluid level, pressure, and heat maintenance at a particular level as set by the user.

What about going through the read below and seek some applications of various proportional flow control valves? 

Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve 0-65L/min:

This valve mainly has PM series driver along with FC series valve technology that is already built-in. The needle in the proportional flow control valve moves by being in direct relation to that of the input signal provided. The major applications of this particular flow valve is where the thirst of high degree flow rates required. This valve provides the necessary power used to initiate signal that operates the system. Moreover, it can be used to control the bipolar stepper motor by giving an analogue signal instead of a digital one.

Stepper-Controlled Proportional Valve 0-230L/min:

Few Applications of Proportional Pressure Valves

This specifically designed type of pneumatic flow control valves mainly consists of PM series drivers installed in it. Now this PM driver overwhelms the power and signal strength that is provided to the valve to continue flow in a particular direction. It can control the step of a stepper motor against model # 0-10 VDC/4-20mA/RS485 Modbus. More specifically uttering, this valve provides high degree of accuracy in the industrial manufacturing process. 

Proportional Solenoid Valve 0-310L/min:

This air flow control valve is no doubt an advantageous addition to the manufacturing industry. Yes, it is designed in such a way that it ensures the easiest cleaning and maintenance in lesser amount of time. This valve is specially resistant to higher temperatures thereby depicting the normal performance in various kind of environments. Basically, this proportional valve can be used to control hydrogen, oxygen, air, and oil controls. 

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Direct Operated Proportional Directional Control Valve – Series D1FB / D3FB

This valve is applicable for almost every environment conditions. It provides greater repeatability for a refined accuracy of the operation. Moreover, this valve can also be installed in a manufacturing units where speed control is required. Moreover where the fluid amplification is necessary, this proportional flow control valve is also installed. 

The main functions provided by this devices include the following:

  • Cooling 
  • Vacuum generator
  • Gas control
  • Gas blending
  • Control of Torque

Wrapping It Up:

In this read, we had a discussion regarding various applications of the different kinds of the proportional flow control valves.

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