Esports Betting in Bangladesh – Basic Tips

esports betting in bangladesh

The eSports betting trend is rapidly gaining popularity among Bangladeshi bettors. Many users really love various computer games, and the ability to bet on their favorite gamers is very attractive.

From a technical point of view, esports betting methods are very similar to those used for traditional sports or sporting events. In order to place a bet, you must first register on the betting site in, transfer a certain amount to your account, select the desired event and game, and fill out the registration form.

Most bookmakers have websites that are quite simple and easy to use. They are easy enough for beginners to understand. However, some functions are directly related to eSports disciplines.

Basic Aspects of Esports bd Betting

First of all, you need to understand that eSports bd competitions are divided into several categories. The mood of the players in matches directly depends on the size and amount of prizes being played.

High-level teams only compete at the highest prize championships, while the rest of the lower-level competitions are accepted as training, to test new strategies “in real combat conditions”, to train newbies, etc. Thus, it is worth determining the degree of importance of the game for the team you are going to bet on.

There is also the concept of fixed departures in the game. The fact that they can be found even at prestigious competitions annoys the organizers of the event. High-level suspensions, such as against elite athletes and teams, lawsuits, etc., help to reduce the spectator’s desire for foul play. This, however, does not change the fact that it is quite easy to deliberately lose a game in online tournaments, and no one suspects it. And it is often used by athletes and entire teams.

Big bets on one side will inevitably lead to match-fixing charges. So even if you are sure that any particular team will win, don’t be tempted too much.

CS:GO Betting Strategies

Virtual betting on CS:GO has two main approaches: a bet on a clear favorite to win with a progressive increase in the pot, or a bet on the defeat of an overvalued player.

If you’re betting on leaders, look for competitions with great rewards and high odds levels. In this case, the likelihood of fixed matches is reduced, and your bets begin to make a profit. Bet on the underdogs if you like obscure competitions with meager incentive prizes. They play with greater coherence and responsibility, they can “shoot” at any level and easily defeat the favorite.

Dota 2 Betting Strategies

In terms of predictions, Dota 2 is the most difficult esports discipline. Since there are no risk-free bets here, it is worth it for visitors to play.

The chosen characters, their evolution status, team skills, and the quality of the game all affect the outcome of a Dota match. For several years, when the main championships in this discipline were held, there was not enough stable composition. In CS:GO, for example, it’s best to compare and study the best teams that almost never lose.

Starcraft 2 Betting Strategies

In this strategy game, you can participate in various races. Each of them has unique qualities and benefits. All differences between teams must be taken into account when placing bets and odds must be assessed for each team, including those based on race.

The format of the tournament should also be taken into account. One match can consist of 1-7 rounds. The luck aspect matters less when there are more battles.

The study of maps is also of great importance. Each of them may be suitable for a specific race and team. This information increases your chances of making successful predictions.

The most popular esports betting markets

esports betting in bangladesh

Esports covers several niche markets. Although betting on the winner of the game is the most popular market, more experienced players can also bet on:

  • Card winner;
  • First death;
  • Total number of deaths;
  • The total number of cards played.

Card winner

This form of market is a more specialized topic. This can usually be compared to quarter or period winners in a traditional sport if we want to make a comparison.

As an example, consider a Dota 2 match; is one of the sports betting possibilities indicating who will take home the winning card. The team that wins the map usually wins the period as well. Usually, the participants go out with the goal of conquering the map they are playing on, which is divided into two parts.

It should be remembered that in most Dota 2 competitions you must win a certain number of cards in order to be declared the winner of the game. Thus, each card is treated as a time. Also, you would be wrong to think that maps are just graphics because they have unique features that can empower or limit the capabilities of each team member.

Therefore, in order to bet on a map, you must first determine the type of heroes each team has. Then it is worth determining whether creeps and turrets can be used in the interests of the team.

Total number of cards played

The total number of cards played must count as over/under in esports betting if we are to compare it to other forms of traditional sports betting. But it’s not about figuring out how many scores or scores will be above or below a certain threshold. With this type of bet, players are trying to determine the total number of cards that can be played in a game, since these are video games.

First death

Although it’s just fake blood, many contestants die in the middle of the competition because they’re playing on virtual platforms. Related to this, there are eSports betting known as first kill or first blood and only the team listed as having the opposing team’s first kill or blood on the map is eligible to win.

Total number of deaths

Total Kill Market is another very interesting market. It also features an “Under/Over” variance based on how many deaths occurred in a clash, as well as a “Total Cards Played” market.

At least 22 people are predicted to die in a LoL match. With this approach, you can bet +22.5 kills, which means you think there will be at least 23 kills or more in the game; but, if you think 23 won’t happen, you should bet on -22.5 kills, which means the biggest kill pool would be 22.


Esports bd has had a direct impact on the online sports betting Bangladesh. As a result, thousands of players and fans from all over the world gather to watch and bet on the best representatives of every video game genre. Larger events will be held in stadiums and other venues with a certain capacity.

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