How To Charge Your Phone Faster : Tips For Your Android & iPhone

Smartphones have become very important these days. That’s why people like to have good smartphones, and the most important thing about a smartphone is its battery. If the phone is so expensive and its battery backup is very less, then it is very gritty. The simple reason for which is that when the battery of the phone is not good, then even a good and expensive smartphone is of no use. Nowadays, in the era of advanced technology, smartphone maker companies provide fast charging support. But as old as the phone becomes, its charging also becomes slow, due to which there can be many reasons. In today’s article we will know how to charge your phone faster.

How To Charge Your Phone Faster

If you feel that your phone is slow charging, then we will walk you through the ways of fast charging it. By keeping some things in mind, you can fast charge the phone even with your normal charger. Let’s know their easy ways.

1. Use Original Charger

For some reason, if our original charger gets damaged or lost or sometimes we do not get our original charger, then we charge our mobile with any charger which is not correct at all. Always use the Original Charger that comes with the phone to charge your mobile. In such a situation, due to having a duplicate charger, the phone starts charging slowly. That’s why always try to use the original charger only.

The battery charged with the original charger lasts longer as compared to the duplicate charger and the battery does not deteriorate quickly.

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2. Buy a Fast Charger

One way to charge your Android phone faster is to invest in a fast charger. But do check the compatibility before you buy one. This includes checking if your phone supports fast charging and if yes, up to how many watt.

3. Use Original Cable

Although the cable and charger are available in the box with the phone, but sometimes when the charger of the phone gets damaged, we buy cheap charging cables from the market. With this type of charging cable, the charging speed of the smartphone is slow. Users should always use a good brand cable only. Apart from this, you can also use heavy gauge cable for fast charging.

The reason for the slow charging of the phone is also its data cable. When the data cable of the charger gets old, slow charging starts. Or sometimes the data cable gets damaged then people start using duplicate data cable. This is the reason why it makes the charging of your phone slow. Apart from this, doing this can also damage your phone’s battery.

4. Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

how to charge your phone faster

Many people have a habit that they keep using the phone continuously by putting it on charge. This affects the charging of the phone. You put yourself in danger too. It would be better that you do not use your phone while charging and if it is very important, you can remove it from charging and use it again.

If you run the phone by putting your phone in charge, then from one side your phone’s display consumes the battery. In such a situation, your phone will start counting the last breath before it explodes, I mean to say that the battery of your phone can deteriorate quickly, so if you take care of these things then you can also do your phone to fast charge.

5. Turn Off Your Phone

Even after being on charging, the phone continues to be used, which affects its charging speed. If you are not using the phone during charging, then the best way to fast charge is to switch it off and put it on charging. This will charge your smartphone faster.

Turning off the phone shuts down all the services, apps, internet, etc., which helps it to charge quickly.

6. Turn on Airplane/Flight Mode

Your mobile uses the most battery to receive and send signals, so when you charge the mobile, the mobile keeps exchanging signals in the background, so that the battery continues to be used if you do not turn off your phone. If you want to do this, then turn on Airplane Mode while charging. With this, many such features of the smartphone will be turned off, which use a large amount of battery. In this way you can charge your smartphone faster.

7. Try to Charge via Wall Socket and not through USB ports

how to charge phone faster

Many people charge their phones by connecting them to laptops while working. Your phone will charge slow since it comes from USB port. On the other hand, if you charge this handset with the help of wall socket or power socket, then you will get faster charging speed than laptop.

8. Charge by Turning on Power Saving Mode

Due to the down of the phone’s battery, the load of charging and processing is high. If you turn on Power saving mode then the phone will charge properly.

9. Disable Background Processing of Apps

When we start an app and start using another app without closing that app and charge the mobile, then those apps keep running in the background and keep using the battery. There are also some apps that keep running in the background without starting them, due to which the mobile charges slowly. In such a situation, before charging the mobile, all the apps running in the background should be closed.

10. Turn off Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Data

Still most people do not know that when Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Data are on, your mobile battery runs very less and charges slowly. All these features use a lot of battery in the background, due to which the mobile charges slowly. In such a situation, if you do not want to turn on Airplane / Flight Mode, then you can turn off Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Data so that your mobile can be charged quickly.

11. Charge Your Phone to the Normal Temperature Avoid Sunlight

The phone should always be charged at normal temperature. You should charge your phone neither in a very cold place nor in a very hot place. In a very cold or hot environment, your phone’s battery gets damaged and its charging speed decreases.

12. Avoid Overnight Charging

Overnight charging does not damage the smartphone in a day or month or week but in a long period of time it can damage your phone battery and slow down the charging speed.

13. Keep Your Phone Updated

The battery backup of the phone and the charging speed of the phone decreases as the phone gets older. To keep the phone working, it is very important to update it. So whenever a new update comes in your phone, definitely do it and keep your phone up-to-date. By keeping the phone updated, your phone’s battery will be optimized and its backup and charging speed will also be good.

14. Always Charge the Mobile 90 to 95%

These days, batteries based on new technology are used in most phones, which have a lot of damage due to overcharging. When we always charge the mobile battery only from 90 to 95%, then the life of the battery increases and the battery lasts longer.

15. Avoid Wireless Charging

However, if charging speed is your number one priority, you should avoid them. They offer a considerably slower charging experience than their wired counterparts. In fact, testing suggests they could be as much as 50 percent slower.


In this article, we have given 15 easy ways to charge mobile quickly and if you use them then you will definitely see the difference in the charging speed of your phone.

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