How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker With Rice And Without Rice

Mobiles stop working due to falling in water or getting drenched in rain or falling in the bridge. So there is no need to worry. Because if you take care of some things, then you can save your device from water damage. Most of the smartphones get damaged by water during monsoon. After the mobile is damaged, the data stored in the mobile is also deleted, so today we are going to tell you such tips or remedies that how to get water out of your phone speaker.

Today, many companies are making water proof mobiles which do not get damaged even after getting wet in water or falling in water, these mobiles are designed in such a way that water does not reach inside the mobile, although their cost is high. That’s why most people do not have water proof mobiles, but seeing the speed of increasing technology, one day everyone will have water proof mobiles and then the problem of mobile deteriorating due to water will end. For now, you should know some tips which can be useful to you in future.

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How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone

how to get water out of your phone

Whenever water enters our phone, the phone automatically turns off and the switch does not turn on and sometimes it also happens that a light light starts burning in the phone i.e. it starts blinking. And when our phone starts heating up, so many people make small mistakes due to water entering the phone. You can see in detail below what you should do after falling mobile in water. Then whether your phone is from any of the companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc. Because after falling in water, the same type of work is done with every phone, which we will tell you in this post.

1. Switch Off Your Phone

As soon as your phone falls in water or gets water on it, do not operate it. Switch it off soon, this will stop the process going on inside it. Don’t try to turn it on again and again. With this, there will be no risk of short circuit in the phone. The smartphone will not be damaged either.

2. Remove Battery Immediately

If water has gone inside the phone, take out the battery of the phone immediately. After removing the battery, a small sticker is affixed under the battery in the handset, which is white in color in most phones. If water has gone inside the phone, then it changes to pink or red color or if there is some moisture inside the phone then the color of this sticker changes.

You should not turn on the phone until you are sure that your phone is completely dry. If your phone battery does not drain then you can only dry your phone with a co-hair dryer, however, most of the smartphones now come with inbuilt battery. In this case it is not possible to remove the battery. Keep such phone switched off and try to dry it.

3. Don’t Charge Wet Phone

If the phone has become wet or has moisture, then it should not be charged, as there is a possibility of electric shock. Firstly let the phone dry completely. But often people use hair dryer to dry the phone. Due to this, instead of drying the water in the chip of the phone, it can be damaged. Use sunlight (not direct sunlight) or fan air to dry the phone. Due to this, the chip on the motherboard of the phone does not get moisture.

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4. Bury It In Rice

After this, now to dry the water inside the phone, you have to keep the phone completely covered in raw rice for at least 10 to 12 hours, because raw rice has the ability to absorb water, then do this. You can absorb the water inside your phone with the help of rice.

5. Take Out SIM And Memory Card

After removing the phone from the water, remove the SIM and memory card. This will prevent moisture from getting into them. It should be lightly dried with a cloth or paper. By doing this all the slots of the phone will be opened and they will be easily dried by air.

6. Put Wet Mobile With Silica Gel Balls

You must have seen a sealed bag lying in the new tiffin, water bottle, shoe box etc. on which “DO NOT EAT” is written. Inside it are glass-like rye-like tablets, which are called silica.

These are now also available in the market. Take this packet from stores and put it in a glass or plastic box, keep the mobile along with it and close the lid of the box tight. Keep the mobile with desiccant packets for at least 12-24 hours. This method absorbs more moisture than raw rice and also takes less time.

7. Sun Dry Wet Mobile

Often people use hair dryer to dry the phone. But, this method is absolutely wrong. Due to this, instead of drying the water in the chip of the phone, it can be damaged. Use sunlight (not direct sunlight) or fan air to dry the phone. Due to this, the chip on the motherboard of the phone does not get moisture. Keep the mobile in such a way that there is no sunlight on its screen.

Let the phone dry for 15 minutes to half an hour by laying a cloth on the ground or table. If there is a lot of sunlight, then 15 minutes will be enough. It is necessary to lay the cloth so that there is no damage to the mobile in contact with the floor in case of high heat.

8. Turn On The Phone And Test

After the smartphone is completely dry, turn it on again. Even after following all these tips, make sure that the phone is dry. After that insert the SIM in the phone. If you face any kind of problem after turning it on, then definitely get it checked. Sometimes the screen does not work properly due to moisture on the motherboard. That’s why it is necessary to get the phone checked even if there is a slight doubt. Or go directly to the service center and get the phone repaired.

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How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone Speaker

how to get water out of your phone speaker

Now, even though your phone has IP-rated water resistance, the speaker can still become soft and distorted after underwater exposure. As of yet, there’s no built-in way to get the water out, and letting any sort of fluid into the speaker can cause persistent problems.

Thankfully, there are a number of third party apps that play a specific tone, producing sound waves that help flush out that water.

Steps to remove water from phone speaker and earpiece

Step 1. To download and install Speaker Cleaner app from Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone, use the Sonic V app from the App Store.

Step 2. Open the app, set the speaker toggle. Increase the volume to maximum and be sure to hold your phone with the speaker facing you.

Step 3. Now, click on Start Cleaning. Now it will play an extraordinary sound which will help you to remove the water.

Step 4. Once this is done, replace the toggle on the earpiece and repeat the process. Make sure the earpiece is facing up.

Within minutes, you’ll start to see an improvement in your phone’s speaker quality, as more and more water is expelled. If it doesn’t work well, switch to another mode, and repeat the process. There’s also a manual cleaning mode that allows you to manually select the exact sound frequency, which works best for specific speakers.

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If you keep in mind the things you have said above, you can correct it even when the phone knows. Keep in mind, should always keep electronic devices away from the water because they get spoiled with water, but even if it is wet, then take steps above and enjoy the phone. To share this information with friends on WhatsApp and Facebook, which can help them.

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