How To Increase Laptop Battery Life: For Windows, Mac & Linux Users

The laptop has become an important thing in our work and need and we are completely dependent on it for our work. The biggest problem with our laptops is the battery itself. In our busy lives, we do not find enough time to charge our laptops properly. As a result, our laptop shuts down during work. Fails to provide the expected backup. We all know that even after charging, we cannot use our laptops for the whole day. It becomes very difficult for us to get through the whole day with very less battery backup. So to solve this problem, here we are going to tell some tips for how to increase laptop battery life. Let’s know about them.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

how to increase laptop battery life

1. Adjust Your Laptop Brightness

If you use the laptop at full brightness, then doing so drains the laptop’s battery very fast as well as has a bad effect on your eyes. If you want to increase the standby time of the laptop battery, then for this you should keep the brightness only according to the need and by adopting this method you can increase the standby time by 20 percent. Keep the laptop brightness to a minimum. But keep in mind that does not keep it so little that it affects your eyes.

In Windows laptops, right-click on the battery icon, then on Power Options. After that change the setting to Power saver. Windows will then automatically reduce the brightness. Apart from this, priority will be given to standby and other settings according to the performance of the battery.

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2. Turn Off Apps & Process Running in Background

There are many such applications and processes in our system which are not there for us. But still, he keeps running in the system and keeps taking power. While using the laptop, always take care of closing the apps running in the background.

You can close the apps with Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). RAM of the system becomes full with the apps running in the background. This affects the performance. Due to the deterioration of the performance, the laptop overheated starts, and the battery cell was damaged. This has a bad effect on his battery life.

3. Turn off Your laptop’s Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Apps like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and hotspots are always on while running laptops. Due to being on, a type of search continues in the system. This causes more battery consumption. For this reason, if they are not needed, then you should close these apps. This has a good effect on the battery life. Because they require external signals to operate, which requires more power.

It is better to close all these external sharing networks to increase the battery backup of your device. ON only at the time of use.

4. Turn on Power Saver Mode

To use Batki on laptops for a long time, you can use power-saving mode. This feature is mostly present inside the laptop, if you do not see it, then you can search for the battery saver in the question bar. You can also customize automatic battery savings.

5. Use External Devices Very Least

External devices such as printers, speakers, cameras, gaming remotes, etc. weaks the battery of your laptop and use all the power in the battery of the laptop. That is why do not use them until there is a lot of need.

6. Keep the CD-DVD Drive Empty

Before using the laptop, you must check the CD-DVD drive of your laptop, there is no CD-DVD in it because if there is a CD in the drive, then your laptop will start scanning it, due to which its battery ends quickly.

7. Don’t do Multitasking

Many times we use more than one software and fans at the same time such as Surfing on Google while doing some work at Microsoft Office and Surfing on YouTube etc. By doing this, the laptop uses more battery and the battery ends quickly. Focus on the same work at one time.

8. Increase Your Laptop RAM

If RAM is less in our system, then it takes more time for our system to complete some work. The more time it takes on a task, the more the battery of our system costs. In such a situation, we should always use a better Ram or SSD in the system. Keep the RAM or SSD of your laptop so that they do not take time in the process and work quickly.

9. Keep Checking Your Laptop Temperature

The laptop is hot when we are using laptops. When we charge the laptop in the sun or a high-temperature room, the laptop is more hot, due to which it uses more battery. The best solution for this is to charge the laptop by shutting it down.

10. Keep Your Laptop in a Cool Place

Lithium-ion battery does not handle heat well. Anything above 86 degrees Fahrenheit is considered an elevated temperature, which can end it soon. The optimal temperature limit for laptops is 50 to 95 f (10 to 35 c). The optimal storage temperature varies from -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45C). Therefore, if the laptop is placed in a cold place instead of a hot place, then it can last for a long time.

11. Don’t Do Too Much Charging

If we keep charging the laptop moreover, then the cells of our laptop battery get damaged. Due to this the battery life of the laptop is less. In such a situation, while charging the laptop, we should pay attention to removing its charger when it is charged.

Some people put the laptop on charging as soon as they start work and they do not remove it from charging until their work is over. This can also prove dangerous for battery life. This causes battery cell damage and reduces its life. Therefore, apply the laptop on charging only when needed. More charging can also lead to laptop overheating.

12. Turn Off Auto Update

Sometimes when we perform any task at the same time software update is running in the background. Install the software on laptops affects battery life through auto updates. Close auto-updates to increase battery life.

13. Turn Off Location Access

Closing the location in the smartphone increases the battery life, in the same way, you can close the location of the laptop. For this, go in search and find an alternative to the name location and then turn off the location.

14. Always Use Original Charger For Your Laptop

Yes, be it a laptop or phone, the work that does the original charger for any electronic device cannot fake chargers. Therefore, to increase the battery life of the laptop or to keep it safe, always use the right and original charger.

15. Do Not Charge Full and Charge a Little Bit

By taking the battery directly from 100 percent, it is better to eliminate it at zero, and let it be discharged up to 50 percent. Maintain the order between 30 and 80 percent. By doing this, the laptop or the battery discharge bicycle of another device will increase three times.

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