What Is Bhai-Lang Programming Language? Which Is Developed By 2 Indians Developers

A new programming language is taking the Internet by storm. The “Brother-Lang” toy programming language was written in TypeScript and makes programming more fun, inspired by the ‘bro-talk’ used by Hindi-speaking gentry is a welcome quirk for the techies out there. In this article you will know that what is Bhai Lang programming language which is developed two Indians Developers. So read this full article.

What is Bhai- Lang Programming Language?

What Is Bhai-Lang Programming Language

A new programming language called “Bhai Lang” is created by two Indian developers named Aniket Singh from Amazon and Rishabh Tripathi from Grow. The toy programming language which was inspired by ‘bro-talk’ used by Hindi speaking masses has inspired netizens across the world.

“Bhai” is known as brother in Hindi and is a typescript in programming language which is a combination of various Hindi words and Hi, Goodbye among others. Like Java, “Bhai Lang” has its own syntax.

According to its official website, the code starts with “hi bhai” which means ‘hello brother’ and ends with “bye bhai”. Any code written outside the tag will be ignored. In order to declare variables, the programmer is required to use “bhai yeh hai”. These variables will be assigned different values and functions as per the requirement.

What Is Bhai-Lang Programming Language

At the website’s playground facility, users are allowed to play with code, so that they can execute commands and actions using “bhai Lang”. If a developer makes a syntax mistake, a prompt saying “hey bhai bhai bhai” will appear.

The bro-inspired language pokes fun at conversations among bros with signifiers like “jab tak bhai,” “bol bhai,” etc. According to its creators, the language is a result of an inside joke.

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Bhai-Lang Developed By Two Indians Developer

“Bhai-lang” is a toy programming language created by two Indian developers – Aniket Singh from Amazon and Rishabh Tripathi from Groww.

Although there are many programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, C++, this particular language was created with fun-oriented elements. The language has its own GitHub pages, pages built-in, conditional, and loops for users.

Users who want to code, can visit the official website, bhailang.js.org and explore further.

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