What is Captcha? Types of CAPTCHA and Examples With It’s Benefits

You must have seen many times that whenever you create an ID on a website, log in or recover the password, then you are definitely faced with CAPTCHA. Where you have to fill in the box below by looking at the numbers or letters in the given image or select the image according to the question asked. Anyone can fill the CAPTCHA by looking at the code because it is an image that a robot cannot read and their handwriting is such that cannot be read by a robot’s system. You must have thought many times that what is CAPTCHA and why is it needed. What is the function of CAPTCHA and many more such questions must have come in your mind. Today you will get all the information related to CAPTCHA through this article.

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is a type of security system whose full form is (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) i.e. Fully Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It provides protection to websites from Bots and Viruses. CAPTCHA is also called CAPTCHA Code. The work of both is same.

Whenever you register online on any website or buy something or sign up on any bank’s website or shopping website, then you get the option to solve the CAPTCHA, after completing which you can register your account in that website or application. So at that time you are shown an image in which some letters are asked and you have to write those letters in the box below and then submit. This is called CAPTCHA code.

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Types of CAPTCHA

You must have faced many different CAPTCHA Codes many times. These codes are created differently for each website. We are going to tell you many types of CAPTCHA code so that whenever you solve CAPTCHA code in future, you will know which type of CAPTCHA code you are solving.


what is captcha

Such CAPTCHA which are Puzzle and these are text bases, to solve which the user has to recognize the text and in the CAPTCHA you have to solve the CAPTCHA by typing the alphabet. After which you can enter on that website. Text CAPTCHA is one of the best method. These words are shown in a strange style by the CAPTCHA, which requires translation. Which only a human can do, no robot.

2. Image CAPTCHA

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The manual human test using images is performed using a second clear graphical representation of numbers and letters. Finally some photographs of normal things are compared. The customer has to indicate which of the pictures have the correct indications. Google Street View uses a CAPTCHA that expects customers to select a street address or a box of street signs.

3. Audio Recognition Based

what is captcha

In Audio CAPTCHA, a voice is narrated to the customers and after listening to what will be heard, the customers have to fill in the text box given there. If the customer hears anything wrong and fills the wrong CAPTCHA, then this CAPTCHA is not verified.

4. Maths Solving CAPTCHA

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When you login to a website, many times you are asked to fill the Maths Solving CAPTCHA. In this CAPTCHA you have to solve some numbers in front of you. Like adding or subtracting numbers.

5. Social Authentication/ Friend Recognition

This type of CAPTCHA is used in social media websites. And the puzzles that come in this are all Friends Profile Photo based, in which the user has to identify that profile picture to solve the code. Only after that he can enter the website.


what is captcha mean

In some CAPTCHA, you see a 3D image in which you have to identify and write alphabets or numbers.

7. Ad Injected CAPTCHA

In this type of CAPTCHA, you get to solve through some ads on your screen. Like you will see an Ad or people of any brand on the screen and you have to identify it and fill it.


what is captcha mean

Users need to select a check box.

I’m not a robot.

No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA method is one type of CAPTCHA which is created by google. It’s only been around since 2014, but has already made its way onto the Internet. Its purpose is to track the behavior of a user and the behavior of a robot by giving a simple task. In this task, users have to click in a check box of “I am not a robot”. This method is also used in phones and apps. CAPTCHA tracks this movement and finger whether this check box is checked directly or it is a robot.

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Benefits of CAPTCHA Code

If you use CAPTCHA in the comment box of the blog, then spam comments will stop coming to your blog.

Many online websites are used to use CAPTCHA in a save way.

It is used in a website because it can only be solved by humans, no machine or computer.

Using CAPTCHA, you can save your email address from Email Scrapers.

You can use it to protect the website from dictionary attack.

It is used to secure the website and it is used even more because only a human can solve it, the machine cannot solve it.

CAPTCHA codes are used on many blogs and websites to avoid bots. Using this, the machine will not be able to create an account automatically.
Because there are many such services of Google in which it is very important and before submitting it you are asked whether you are a human or a robot.

On many websites, users get information by registering, CAPTCHA is used to protect this type of user registration from being spammy.

If you keep a site of your own, then you must have seen that sometimes traffic comes in the form of bots, due to such traffic, the risk of website going down increases. Therefore CAPTCHA is also used to reduce bots attack.

Disadvantages of CAPTCHA Code

Some CAPTCHA codes are such that it becomes very difficult to understand them.

It often happens that we want to get everything done quickly. If we want to get information from any site as soon as possible but after visiting the site we find that we have to fill the CAPTCHA only after that we will get the information. In such a situation it becomes difficult for us to get information at the earliest.

Quite a few times I myself have noticed that when I am filling a form and fill in the CAPTCHA code, it takes a lot of time to load due to which the information entered by me gets lost. Because of this, I have to fill back the complete form, it consumes both my time and energy.

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After reading this article till the end, you must have got complete information about CAPTCHA.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is the full form of captcha?

The full form of CAPTCHA is “Complete Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Human Apart”.

2. What is entered in the captcha code?

The captcha code is confirmed by entering the image i.e. figure, alphabets i.e. letter or count.

3. What is written in captcha?

Fill the captcha and see what is given there. You have to watch and understand carefully.

4. How is captcha made?

You can take captcha from google for free if you have created a blog or website to earn.

5. Why is captcha used?

Captcha is used so that automatic software or programming cannot work on the website. If the person solves the captcha with his mind, then only he can go ahead.

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